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The key to Blood Bikes East’s success to date has been the contributions and support given by a small number of partners and sponsors.

Join Our Current Sponsors & Partners,



The day-to-day fundraising takes care of our core running costs, but it is only thanks to major donations from key sponsors such as Done Deal and IPB Insurance, that we have been able to invest in a fleet of bikes that has allowed us to keep up with the growing transport demands of the hospitals we service. However, our fleet needs constant updating and our needs are ever growing. We therefore constantly need sponsors and partners that can help us in the following areas:

  • Cash Donations
    If you simply want to make a charitable donation, then let’s talk.


  • Transport
    We are constantly looking for new vehicles. Today our fleet of 5 Honda Deauvilles, that will over time need to be updated, needs the addition of a scooter (which will help accommodate volunteers who don’t feel confident riding a larger motorbike) and a van (which will be invaluable during heavy winds, rain and especially snowy/icy weather). Can you help? Do you like the idea of having a vehicle that your company sponsors and your brand is proudly displayed?


  • Communications
    We require smartphones and GSM based radios.


  • Print & Promotional Materials
    We need support with printing of leaflets, flyers, stickers, banners and flags. We also need promotional products, such as pens, mugs, keyrings, caps, t-shirts/polo shirts, mouse mats, etc.


  • Event Equipment
    We need promotional walls and marquees to use at our events.


What We Offer:

First and foremost, Blood Bikes East is a loved and respected charity. Just a quick look at our Facebook page, with over 4,000 followers, shows how much people appreciate the work we do. By helping us to achieve our goals, you are aligning your company to our valued and esteemed service and will therefore enjoy the gratitude of the general public for it.

However, we also provide varying levels of promotion and exposure for our sponsors and partners in line with size of the donation/level of support. This covers exposure on our website, on social media posts, on printed materials and banners (shown at all events), specific mentions during press events, appearances at your events and ability to have representation at our events, etc.

If you are able to support BBE with any of the items listed above or indeed in any other way, please contact us today. We will put you in contact with our Corporate Sponsorships Manager, who can discuss this further and how we might both leverage the opportunities to the fullest.