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3 Years To The Day…Blood Bikes East Completes Its 5,500th Call-Out

3 years to the day from the very first run being completed, on the 28th of April 2013, Blood Bikes East completed our 5,500th call.

The first call was completed by our founder and Chairperson, Pat McCabe, but our 5,500th call was completed by one of our volunteers. It was fitting that it happened to be Joe Egan, as he coincidentally also joined BBE in 2013.

We’re proud of this momentous achievement, exactly 3 years after we began. In that time we have traveled a staggering 150,000KMs, consumed an incredible 7,800 litres of fuel and our volunteers have given up 18,500 hours of their time completely free.

We estimate that this has saved the hospitals in and around Dublin just under €400,000 that was therefore better spent on patient care.

We are obviously immensely grateful to our group of volunteers (both past and present) who have each played their part in this fantastic achievement. However, we feel it is important to recognise the significant efforts of 3 volunteers in 2016 who have given above and beyond the call of duty in terms of the number of shifts completed and hours volunteered. They are:


Graham Hastings

29 shifts completed to date in 2016


Dave Carroll

19 shifts completed to date in 2016


Alfie Brown

18 shifts completed to date in 2016



1,000th Call For 2016 Completed This Weekend

It is also noteworthy that each year we get busier and busier. In 2013 we completed 323 call outs. In 2014 that number rose significantly to 1,594. In 2015 we almost doubled it, completing 2,700 calls. But this weekend, we are on course to complete our 1,000th call and put us on track for another record-breaking year for call-outs.

Thanks to you, the public that donates generously and our key sponsors, such as Annesley Williams, Done Deal, Axa Insurance, GP Now, Extreme Ireland and IPB Insurance, we hope to continue delivering this vital service for years to come.

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