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Frequently Asked Questions

While on duty, our riders are often asked questions about Blood Bikes East and about being a volunteer rider. We have collated below all the questions we have been asked and as many as we can think of. Should you have a question not covered here, simply visit the Contact Us page and let us know. Once answered, we will add it to this page.

Q: How Can I Become A Rider Volunteer?
Q: Are There Any Restrictions On Being A Volunteer?
Q: I Don't Ride A Motorbike, Can I Volunteer?
Q: Do You Use Your Own Bikes?
Q: What Type Of Bikes Does BBE Use?
Q: Do You Have Blue Lights/Can You Use Them?
Q: Do You Have The Same Road Use Remit As Gardai Or Paramedic Riders/Drivers?
Q: Are You All Ex-Gardai Riders?
Q: Are You All Paramedics?
Q: What Training Do You Have?
Q: Is There A Minimum/Maximum Age To Be A Volunteer?
Q: What Equipment Do You Carry?
Q: What Geographical Areas Do You Cover?
Q: What Actually Happens On A Typical Call-Out?
Q: What Other Groups Exist?
Q: What Do You Carry?
Q: Are You Certified To Do This Kind Of Work And Transport The Sensitive Materials You Do?
Q: How Do The Hospitals Communicate With The Riders?
Q: How Do You Track The Deliveries?