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How We Work – Blood Bikes East Fundraisers

There are many people involved in Blood Bikes East and all carry out different roles, but given our small stature as a charity, many people believe that our operations and organisational capabilities are ‘adhoc’. Nothing could be further from the truth, so in this series of articles, we explore the various roles within BBE and highlight the highly efficient and advanced organisational skills and capabilities brought to bear on our emergency medical transport service, as rightly demanded by our client hospitals.

In this article we look at our fundraisers and how their efforts literally keep our wheel turning.


The volunteer riders, controllers, admins, mentors, etc. are key roles that keep our operations running smoothly. But if it wasn’t for the efforts of our fundraisers, there would be no operational efficiencies to make!

Our fundraising efforts take many forms, from bucket shaking in the streets of Dublin, to bag-packing days in supermarkets and small corporate
fundraising days, to major corporate sponsorships. All these efforts raise tens of thousands of Euro each year that keep our service running.

BBE Bag Pack Supervalu DeansgrangeBBE’s costs average around €1,700 per month, which goes mostly on fuel and then on maintaining the fleet. But this doesn’t cover the
very high costs of fleet replacement every 3 or so years (our bikes would cover enormous distances per year). So where our fundraising keeps the fleet moving, our amazing corporate sponsors allow the refresh of the fleet when needed.

The actual fundraising work (bucket shaking) is done by our volunteers (riders, admins, event organisers, etc.), but there is a huge amount of work that goes into arranging the dates and organising the required licenses and paperwork. That’s the job of the fundraising team, and we are immensely grateful for their efforts.

Over the years, in real terms, the bucket shaking has collected more funds than other activities, and this is thanks to the immense generosity of the people of Dublin. Despite this, it takes a lot of effort to generate the funds, so we are so very grateful to companies like Annesley Williams, Skoda Ireland, Done Deal and IPB Insurance, who have all donated very large sums of money that have allowed us to replace and extend our fleet of vehicles.

Done Deal BBE Donation

Aspen Pharma Trading BBE FundraiserSo, if you see us on the streets, do drop in whatever spare change you may have and have a natter too, we all love to have a chat about what we do.


Do You Think You Have What It Takes To Be A Blood Bikes East Fundraiser?

We can never have too many people helping us to raise money. Whether you can help organise fundraising events, help shake the buckets, or help out in any other way in generating funds for our service, we want to hear from you. So, do you want to join us? Check out the
details on our Become A Volunteer Fundraiser page and apply today!




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