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Important Statement By Blood Bikes East

In light of the recent information coming into the public domain concerning Console, the team at Blood Bikes East wanted to issue this short statement.

We in Blood Bikes East would like to assure all members of the public that all legitimate Blood Bike groups throughout the country are registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority, and it is possible to search the register online to ensure that the Blood Bike Group you wish to support is a bone fide registered group before you make your donation.

The truth is that the overwhelming majority of charities do stellar work and the vast proportion of funds donated by you do reach the people for whom the donation was intended for. In many cases the percentage exceeds 80% and in some it’s above 90%.

Blood Bike Groups, like the majority of the charitable groups you will principally donate to, are firmly based in the communities they serve.

Community-based groups, generally, do not have access to the volume of funds that organisations such as Console would have access to and, because they are firmly embedded in their communities, community-based groups are generally more transparent with regard to how they raise their funds and how those funds are spent.

Remember, all charities must submit a report on their activities and their financial statements every year to the Charities Regulator and these reports and financial statements can be examined by the public.

The purpose of registered bone fides Blood Bike groups throughout Ireland is to stop the hospitals in our communities from having to set aside money from their annual budgets to cover the cost of transporting blood; blood products and urgent patient samples from one hospital to another hospital or to a central reference laboratory.

In the last three years alone, the HSE was spending approx €70K a day to transport these items by taxi. Bone fide Blood Bike Groups provide this service for free.

Blood Bike Groups want to ensure that the biggest portion of that €70K can be retained by the hospitals so that they can spend the funds on patients, our neighbours, friends and families in our communities.

Blood Bikes East has no paid administrator and no management costs. All monies collected by, or donated to, Blood Bikes East goes directly to providing a free emergency medical transport service to the 22 hospitals and community based medical facilities that we serve in Dublin City and the greater Dublin area, including the east coast counties.

We invest in our riders by providing free training so that our riders can attain the highest standards of motorcycle road craft through a no-cost mentoring system. Our riders pay for the actual test out of their own pockets. Our riders pay for their own uniform out of their own pockets. You would be surprised to know that our riders, on average, spend nearly €280 out of their own pockets just to volunteer with Blood Bikes East! All our riders are Garda vetted.

All our riders are trained in the safe transportation of medicines and medical samples to industry standards though PLS Pharma, leaders in the field of good distribution practice in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and allied sectors and who provide this vital training for free.

The funds we raise are spent on the purchase of our motorcycles; their maintenance and running costs. We are supported by companies like Axa Ireland who provide us with insurance for our fleet. We are also supported by companies like Annesley Williams Ltd who provide us with our Emergency Medical Transport Vehicle for the transportation of large consignments of breastmilk from the Breastmilk Bank in Co. Fermanagh to the neonatal units in Dublin City.

Every single cent you donate goes towards running our fleet of emergency bikes.

We will continue to offer our free emergency medical transport service to Dublin hospitals, day and night, rain or shine, wind or snow, as long as you continue to have faith in us and continue supporting us financially.

No member of BBE receives payment, but all our members donate their time to providing out free service and also additional time to raise funds.

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  • Jack salter
    July 16, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    Ive met members of blOod bike east whilst fundraising In the Pavilions in swords and ive seen them traversing the highways and byways of ireland in all weather, weather which you wouldnt put a dog out in, i must say this, ye are a credit to society, what you do and the way You do it is exemplary and therefore i will continue to support any blood bike group. Without them the hospitals would be spending money that they cant really afford on transport. Well done to all and may the road rise to you.

    • Blood Bikes
      July 16, 2016 at 6:25 pm

      Thanks for your kind words Jack. It means so much to our volunteers to hear the support from the public. Thanks also for your continued support. We are honoured by your trust.

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