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Brand new motorbike trailer makes it easier than ever to keep our motorbike fleet maintained to the highest of standards.

With the amount of mileage covered by our motorbikes, combined with the nature and sometimes urgent nature of what we carry, it’s only natural that they require regular attention. It may be for scheduled maintenance and replacement of consumables, or a fault that requires attention. This has been challenging in the past as BBE did not own our own bike trailer. So we had to beg, borrow and otherwise work-around issues as they came up.

But now, thanks to, BBE has its own motorbike trailer. Not only that but it was fully spec’d and wrapped for our needs. is Dublin’s leading provider and installer of tow-bars for vehicles of all types, and they previously installed a tow-bar on to our BBE Skoda Yeti (as sponsored by Annesley Williams and Skoda Ireland). It was therefore a wonderful additional gesture for to source and supply the trailer itself and facilitate its setup and branding.

As you can see the supply of the trailer went beyond the trailer itself with supplying everything we needed to make it functional, such as spare wheel, loading ramp, strobe LED lights, jockey wheel, corner posts, high sides and tie down straps. They also liaised with Van Conversions to apply safety decals. We think it’s amazing and we hope you all agree.

Barry Christie, MD of, said “When I was approached by the team at BBE originally about adding the towbar, I knew a little about them. Once I’d visited the website and reviewed the information on their Facebook page, I was so impressed that I felt compelled to help in the only way I knew possible, by helping them save money and sponsoring the tow-bar and fitting of it. I then enquired how the tow-bar was to be used. When I heard that there was an old trailer that was not roadworthy and the team were looking to refurb, I decided to extend my offer by providing a brand new trailer for their use. I am delighted they wasted no time in putting it to good use in maintaining their bike fleet.”

Patrick Crawford, BBE Chairman, adds “We were truly challenged with bike drop-offs and pick-ups for maintenance. Especially where are bike was not rideable. This amazing donation not only helps us keep our service running efficiently, but it also saves us very valuable funds that we can instead spend on fuel and maintenance costs. We are extremely grateful to Barry and for their support.”

But the story continues…

Barry is also a biker and so interested was he in what we do, he has also joined our ranks as a full rider volunteer! Good on you Barry and welcome to the team.

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