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New Blood Bikes East Leaflets

We are delighted to unveil our new leaflets. A lot of work went into these to ensure the message was right. Our service is all about YOU. All charities do great work, but Blood Bikes East (like all Blood Bike charities) is unique. We don’t just help a percentage of people who have a specific problem, we help EVERYONE.

At some point all of us will be in hospital ourselves or have a family member or friend be in hospital, whether for routine medical needs or accident/emergency reasons. When that happens and you need bloods, lab samples/results, scans or even minor organs for transplant transported, invariably a blood biker will transport it!

Our thanks to all our sponsors (see them here) but in particular to Print4Now for donating the printing costs for this. It is only thanks to the generosity of amazing companies like these that we can do what we do.

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