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It takes a special type of person to become a Blood Bikes East volunteer. They have to have a combination of three things:

  • A desire to volunteer and help people
  • Enough free time to commit to regular ongoing shifts
  • They are a motorbike rider, BUT
    we also have Controllers, Fundraisers, Social Media, admins, accounts people and even car drivers!

As a charity whose focus is fulfilling its services on 2 wheels, we used to only accept Motorcycle Riders. It was so important  that it became a special philosophy all of its own. So important that we adopted it as the tagline and incorporated it into our logo. As time went on however, our client hospitals started requesting us to carry bulky items like Human Breast Milk, this increased to the point that we have now added 3 cars to our Fleet. This gives us far more flexibility to support our client hospitals, but the majority of our service is still done by motorbike.

#RidersForLife has 2 meanings to BBE

  1. It’s a badge of honour for our rider volunteers that indicates that they are long-term motorbike riders.
    This is important because our riders need to have a respect for riding and for the rules of the road in order to fulfill our services professionally and safely.
  2. We do what we do in order to help preserve life and as such we are literally ‘Riders For Life’

We could not be prouder of our volunteer riders who ride day and night, in all weathers to help BBE achieve amazing results for the communities of Dublin city and the greater Dublin area.

We also acknowledge that without the huge contribution that non-riders make to BBE, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Can You Give Time To Help Others?

Do you have the time to help others? Can you be a #RiderForLife? If so, simply move your mouse over the ‘How You Can Help’ menu item and select the most relevant menu item.