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Say ‘Thank You’ To Someone You Love In The Most Perfect Way Possible!

Our FREE service is VITAL for 2 reasons:

  1. It helps the hospitals to save money so they can treat more people

  2. We can get make the deliveries more quickly and efficiently than other services

YOU can help us to help more people and at the same time honour someone you love, through a small donation to BBE.


✔ Do you have someone who has fought, or is fighting, an illness whose bravery and determination you want to celebrate?

✔ Do you want to commemorate someone who you lost recently?

✔ Do you simply want to tell someone you love how much they mean to you?

What better way to show your admiration and love for that special person than to sponsor a Blood Bikes East shift that will help others who are sick and in hospital right now?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Message us to confirm you’re interested and start the message with ‘SPONSOR A SHIFT’ Either through Facebook (@BloodBikesEast) or on our Contact Us page
  2. Include the person’s details (Name, Reason for sponsorship and message).
  3. If there is a special shift/day that you want to sponsor, please let us know.
  4. Go to our donations page and make your donation to the amount to match one of the options below:
    a) €10 – Name and message (35 words max) included in daily shift post.
    b) €25 – Name, message (50 words max) and photo included in daily shift post.
    c) €50 – Dedicated shift on behalf of your loved one, with the post titled with their name, a message (100 words max) and their image.
  5. We will then send you the confirmation of which shift will be completed in your loved one’s name.
  6. The relevant volunteer will be informed
  7. We will post the details in the daily update post for that day.


Your donation will keep our wheels turning so that more people can be helped back to full health. At the same time, you get to celebrate or commemorate someone you know, or who has passed, and show the world just what they mean to you…and all by sponsoring a BBE shift.

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